April 14, 2024

Panoradio Reception Examples: From Long Wave to UHF

The Panoradio offers direct sampling reception from medium wave bands to the VHF region up to 100 MHz, as well as reception of the 70 cm band with band-pass sampling. The following screenshots provide some insights it’s reception capabilites:

Long and Medium Wave Band

Long and medium wave signals, including the DCF77 time signal at 77kHz

HF Band

VHF band

Sporadic signals from emergency services (german: BOS) below the VHF broadcast band
VHF FM broadcast band, showing various stations around the city of Kaiserslautern

UHF band

Experimental direct sampling mode of the 70 cm band. Signals of the 70 cm repeaters DB0TE and DB0ARD can be observed as well as ISM band frequencies around 433 MHz.

Zoomable FFT display

The zoom functionality has 15 zoom levels from the full span of 100 MHz to the minimal span of 6 kHz. Here with a zoom on 20 m band signals:

All 15 waterfall zoom levels